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If you wear kimono at Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple and Nara Park, please leave it to Fuji Kimono rental. There are plenty of kimono, there is plenty of color, unit price is cheap, rental of 2980 yen is also possible, 3 minutes from our shop to Kyoto Kiyomizudera, 1 minute to Nara Park, easy to sightseeing.

Rental plan-Yukata rental start!

Kimono rental 4000 yen

When in Rome do as the Romans do”. Kimono is the best fashion for men in winter in Kyoto! We introduce our kimono plan for men. Kyoto town which has many shrines and temples shows different beauty and nostalgia during 4 seasons. For that reason, men and women in kimono look definitely graceful. Our kimono plan for men includes Japanese traditional sandal, kinchaku, and haori for cold season! Enjoy true Japan style!

Kimono rental 8000 yen for two people

This plan is a set of Mamechiyo Modern Plan and a Kimono plan for men. This can be a great present for your girlfriend such as for her birthday, the anniversary for wedding proposal as well as a part of your travel plan. To men’s customers, please make the most of it as a surprise present to your girlfriend. This will deepen your relationship.         

Kimono rental 8000 yen

Though there are many kimono rental shops in Kyoto, the one where you can rent Mamechiyo modern kimonos is only at FUJI shop. In our Mamechiyo modern kimono plan, you can enjoy the combination of obi and accessories. There are ribbon patterns and abstract painting patterns as well as standard flower patterns, etc. Applied motives are beautifully various and innovative! Feel your heart’s content behind Mamechiyo modern kimono layer!

KYOTO SHOP  :   075-525-5688

add:   506 1F, Ci Court, Dongshan District, Kyoto City, Kyoto


NARA SHOP  0742-23-6780

add 5,Taruichō, Nara-shi, Nara-ken



KYOTO KIMONO RENTAL FUJI offers you five different Kimono rental plans.Three plans are four female customers and one plan is for male customers. We also offer a plan for couples! Our Kimono plans meet the needs of various customers such as those who want to try to put on a Kimono at reasonable price , those who want to put on a designed brand Kimono as a memory of your travel or those who are familiar with Japanese modern Kimono.















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京都 清水寺で人気の着物レンタル屋がたくさんの中におすすめ 着物レンタル専門店『富士着物』。プロ着付け士在籍、豊富な種類の着物から、好きなガラから小物までご用意しておりますので、お客様は何も準備せずに着物レンタルー可能です。



京都でカップルプランを検索して 京都清水寺にある着物レンタル店が出てよく着物レンタルの内容を確認するとヘアセットを含めなんと8000円です、かなりいい値段で富士着物レンタルに頼みました。丁寧な着付けてありがとうございます。また利用します。

最近着物レンタルすごく人気で特に京都です、昨日友達と京都に旅することにしました、「京都 着物 レンタル 人気」のキーワードを検索したら富士着物レンタルがペアプランのことをわかり、アクセスをみると京都清水寺に近くにある店です。対応のスタッフが可愛くてすごく良かったね、観光の方もいます。


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